RetroPie installation

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RetroPie installation

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Hi folks,

I have attempted to install the Retropie software on the CrowPi 2 without success. I have been following a detailed video on Youtube: ... x6Fv3oivt8 and cannot seem to get it to work.

The video is demonstrating a Raspberry Pi 4 installation, which I am assuming should work with the CrowPi2, but I am wondering if the the software that comes with the device is causing a problem?

Has anyone else had a problem?
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Re: RetroPie installation

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If you can tell us more about what problems you are getting or what errors you are seeing, someone may be able to help.
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Re: RetroPie installation

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If you're following that video when you write the RetroPi image to the SD card it erases everything on the card.
This would get rid of everything related to the Crowpie2, (software, configurations, specific drivers ... everything)

There should be some specific video configuration in the config.txt file on the original sd card maybe.
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