New CrowPi2 owner here (1 month)

A place to let users know of the hints and tips you have discovered whilst playing with your CrowPi
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New CrowPi2 owner here (1 month)

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Hello All,

I've had my CrowPi2 for about a month so far and really enjoying this unit. I never owned the original CrowPi, but couldn't pass up the CrowPi2. It was exactly the kind of machine I wanted to see developed for the Raspberry Pi. I think Elecrow did a great job on the design. I recently reviewed the CrowPi2 Deluxe Kit on my YouTube channel and setup a page here, if interested:

I'm looking to add more content to this page and perhaps more project-related videos. I've created a lot of stuff in the past that I could share. I'm also happy to host content (code, articles, both) that anyone here creates and would like to see published to the page - giving you credit for it, of course. It would be good to know there are other CrowPi2 owners here and what you'd like to see added to the page. I've added a link back to these forums, so happy to see there is already a public place to discuss this excellent machine. I hope to be able to contribute in some way in the future.

All the Best,

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